Emob Pack of 2 High Speed Stickerless 3x3 Cube and Pyraminx Cube Puzzle Combo Toy

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Emob High Speed Cube with Smooth Movement. This cube is extremely fast with excellent angle, fun rally speed The Rubik cube feels very flexible and very smooth to turn. This helps to improve coordination of the eyes of the hand, mathematical thinking and logic. This cube is a cerebral trauma that improves cognitive performance, enriches the agility of observation, coordination and recognition. This cube puzzle helps to increase the power of thought and develop an intentional mentality. It is well known that the magic cube has been extremely popular among seniors and youth. This can not only help the elders prevent brain degeneration, but also greatly enhance the development of small children. So, we are delighted to recommend this 3-layer toy . Made of durable, environmentally friendly ABS plastic, our magic cube provides excellent hand feel, smooth performance and light weight. A perfect combination of entertainment and intelligence development for all beginner cubes and masters.

Color: Multicoloured
Type: Other
Material: Other
Country of Origin: India