Kitchen Utilities & Dish/washbasin Plastic Cleaning Brush (Set of 3)

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An ideal tool for bathrooms and floors.It has Nylon fibre material with plastic handle and powerful sponge.The Scrubber makes cleaning difficult corners pretty easy. It cleans better than ordinary scrubs and lasts much longer. It is easy to hold and use and can effectively scrub out tough stains. It is ideal for cleaning Sink, Bathroom, Pool, Floor Tile, Boat Decks, Utensils etc. It cleans the floor without any scratches. Suitable For Dishwashing, Cleaning Kitchen, Cleaning Bathroom, Cleaning Toilet, Washing Clothes And Doing Other Household Chores. Super Fast And Efficient Cleaning Like Never Before For Efficient Wet And Dry Cleaning.

Color: Multicoloured
Type: Other
Material: Plastic
Length: 18.0 (in cm)
Width: 10.0 (in cm)
Height: 4.0 (in cm)
Country of Origin: India